Physical Illuminator

INSPIRATIONAL - Here to illuminate the world.

Fiery, passionate, impulsive, enthusiastic, bright, expressive, recognition, fame. You Illuminate the world with your passion.

Illuminator Promotes: - Expression, emotion, passion, excitement, sociable, proud, trusting and forgiving, luminous, compelling, witty, intelligent.

Energy Quality: Fiery, dynamic, active, explosive.

Business & Home Life Area: Passion, Fulfilment, Recognition.

How People See You

The Inspirational Speaker.

Wow, what passion!

Wow, what ability you have to illuminate all those around you!

You have the ability to command people's attention - visibly and verbally.

You enlighten people and inspire people.

People are attracted to you.

You are like a people magnet and have many influential friends.

You have the ability to see clearly and bring clarity to situations.

You love to serve people.

You are passionate, proud and spontaneous but can also be experienced at being unpredictable, irrational and over emotional.

You excel in the field of communication especially when it concerns emotions and personal experience.

You have a warm, passionate nature that can make you successful on stage as an inspirational speaker, in theatre or a film star.

You are one of the best communicators in the world. You shine!

You have a sensitive nature that underlies your strong, successful surface image and can erupt stormily, of all the yinology types you are the quickest to forgive and forget.

You are a big thinker and are always looking at the big picture, so practical problems may arise.

Appearances are important to you i.e. clothes and contents of your home.

The world would be a poorer place without the colourful, sophisticated inspiring number 9. You lift the spirit and inspire us with your performance and you are certainly not going to be forgotten overnight.

You have the wow factor.

Your Physical Power

Your physical power is to illuminate the world, enlighten humanity with your spirit.

Your Physical Self

Your physical self is Fire

Colour Associated: Red

Nurturing Element: Wood

Nurturing Colours: Green

Family Member: Middle Daughter

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