Physical Rock

STRONG - Courageous

Strong solid rock, the mountain of knowledge, the story teller, dramatist, intelligent, clear headed, perceptive, doesn't suffer fools.

Rock Promotes: Competitiveness, motivation, ambition, determination, hardworking, directness, stubbornness, methodical, single minded, persistent, organized, caring, fair, reserved.

Energy Quality: Quick, sharp, strong, changeable, direct.

Business & Home Life Area: Peace, Wisdom, Mindfulness.

How People See You

You are a mountain of strength.

You are a strong reliable person.

You have a deep inner desire to achieve your goals in life.

You do as you say and people can rely on you.

Your word is your bond.

You are organized and structured and work systematically to achieve your goals and objectives.

Be careful you can become a workaholic...so ensure you have balance in your life.

You don't tolerate fools.

You have a deep sense of what is right.

Just like a bear you like to retreat in to your cave if you get stressed.

You have a fun personality and expect a lot in relationships

You are a powerful human being.

Power is compelling energy that embodies calmness, confidence and certainty. It completely accepts a situation, does not blame or look back but works in the present wisely, decisively and with compassion. Connect with your powerful inner wisdom and know that real power is not given but it emanates from a deep place of knowing within your being.

You will magnetise support from people around you who will in turn be empowered and inspired in your presence.

Be centred, be in your power and you will go from strength to strength.

Your Physical Power

Your physical power is to bring inner peace to the world

To have World Peace we must first have inner peace.

Those who are naturally serene, at peace with themselves will be open towards others. This is where the very foundation of universal peace lies.

This is your destiny: to promote inner peace.

Your Physical Self

Your physical self is Earth

Colour Associated: Orange

Nurturing Element: Fire

Nurturing Colours: Red

Family Member: Youngest Son

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