Physical Entertainer

FUN - the entertainers

The entertainer, fun, charming, engaging, the host, the comedian, Mr happiness, need happy environment, stylish and charismatic, youthful attitude to life, playful.

Entertainer Promotes: Romance, leisure, joy, relaxation, accumulation (harvest), playfulness, contentment, fun, extrovert, confidence, charismatic, stylish, pleasure seeking, indulgent, financially – aware, optimistic, charming, humorous, articulate, youthful, emotional.

Energy Quality: Calm, relaxed, steady, settling.

Business & Home Life Area: Happiness, Creativity, Children

How People See You

The Charmer. The Host.

Wow, you are such fun to be with! You have so much Joie de Vivre (Joy of Living)!

You are so optimistic and love to entertain people.

You are the life and soul of the party, so fun loving.

You enjoy the good things in life and always dress with style.

You are sensual and stylish and stand out in the crowd.

You need to stay focused on your long term goals.

You have a desire for pleasure and the creature comforts in life and when you get them you can become demoralized - so be aware of this.

Kids love you as you have a beautiful child like fun loving nature.

You are a creative being and when you balance this inherent gift with logic and order, you have limitless potential to manifest. Creativity accesses the unbounded well of possibilities within you. So detach from routine, release your inhibitions, think out of the box and open up to your imagination.

Be pure in your intentions and use the power of creative visualization to help manifest your vision and make your dreams a reality. We know you will have fun on the journey.

You are a Charmer. Genuine charm comes from a love of life and interest in people. It can soothe the disturbed, reassure the doubtful and light up the lives of the hopeless. It makes life happier and easier for the giver and the receiver. Charm has a magical quality that enables your work and home life to flow more smoothly, you are the world's best charmer.

Your Physical Power

Your physical power is to bring happiness and joy to this world with your creativity and charm.

Your Physical Self

Your physical self is Metal

Colour Associated: Gold Silver, White

Nurturing Element: Earth

Nurturing Colours: Orange

Family Member: Youngest Daughter

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