Physical Mentor

ETHICAL - Wellbeing of the World in their hearts

Honest, open and trustworthy, respectful, wise, intuitive, perceptive, superb sense of timing, the controller, the leader, the father figure, speak with authority, strong moral code with high expectations of others.

Mentor Promotes: Organization, control, dignity, leadership, authority, responsibility, consistence, rationality, directness, authoritative, moralistic, discipline, perfection, critical thinking, honesty, trustworthiness, pride, loyalty methodology, intuition and perception.

Energy Quality: Stable, strong, clear.

Business & Home Life Area: People, Friendship, Mentors.

How People See You

The Mentor. The Eco Warrior.

The Leader

The Father Figure

You are a natural leader.

You are an inspirational leader - a visionary - enthusiastic, champion of change who leads with courage and integrity.

You empower others to realize their potential.

You have an inner passion to transform humanity with your ethical, eco moralistic nature. You are like a father figure for our planet. You have a natural sense to serve for the greater good. You set high standards and are a BIG THINKER. You are a visionary and always look at things from the long term perspective.

You like to be in control.

You like to take the lead in relationships, in teams and in your community.

You are a natural leader.

One little thing to watch with you - is self-criticism...you do not handle criticism well - so find a way to build up your self-confidence and inner courage so it does not harm you.

Self-worth dependent on other people's feedback is fragile, for it is only when you know yourself that you begin to recognise your true value.

Be confident and steadfast. Acknowledge you are an amazing being and develop deep self-respect so that you become your number one fan. Recognize the extra ordinary in yourself.

Trust your own wisdom and judgment. Be clear about where you are going. Know that whatever your position, you can profoundly influence others to aspire to greater goals. Watch the magnetic effect when you take the helm with charisma and confidence.

Your Physical Power

Your physical power is to be a social pioneer uniting humanity to create an ethical sustainable world.

Your Physical Self

Your physical self is Metal

Colour Associated: Gold, Silver White

Nurturing Element: Earth

Nurturing Colours: Orange

Family Member: Father

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