Physical Connector

BOLD - Powerful

Powerful and bold, centre of attention, great change (Ying then Yang), wild then calm, forceful, excellent social skills, domineering and controlling.

Connector Promotes: Power, changeable, pragmatic, direct, determined, sympathetic, resilient, understanding, insight, leadership, control, opinionated, impatient, confrontational.

Energy Quality: Powerful but fluctuating.

Business & Home Life Area: Harmony, Well-being

How People See You

The Networker. The Connector.

You are a woman/man magnet.

People are attracted to you and people trust you and look to you for guidance.

People open up to you quickly sometimes sharing their inner secrets with you.

You have a determined character and are ambitious.

You have the great ability to launch new projects and you love to be the centre of attention and lead groups.

You are very comfortable with large groups of people.

You adore socializing and developing relationships.

You love to be the centre of attention in family life, with friends, in business and in the community.

You hide any insecurity you may have behind an over confident manner.

You stand tall, shoulders back, chest out and walk with confidence and courage.

You are courageous and cope well with ups and downs.

You overcome mistakes easily.

People look to you for leadership - they trust your guidance and advice.

Your Physical Power

Your physical power is the wellbeing of the world; you connect likeminded people for the greater good of humanity.

Your Physical Self

Your physical self is Earth

Colour Associated: Orange

Nurturing Element: Fire

Nurturing Colours: Red

Family Member: None

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