Physical Visionary

VISIONARY - sewing seeds of change

Warm, positive enthusiastic, constantly moving like the wind, big ideas, big picture, think globally, tenacious - constantly working towards goals, gentle and can shy from confrontation.

Visionary Promotes: Persistence, creativity, imagination, gentleness, optimism, communication, sensitivity, independence and determination, vulnerable, hesitant, trusting, easily influenced and influential, convincing, impulsive.

How People See You

The Champion of Change.

You are a visionary and have a big vision of what may be.

You have an amazing imagination, and creative ability.

You have a deep inner passion to activate your dreams and have to be careful not to over indulge in your work.

You are a sensitive soul and occasionally can be sensitive to criticism.

You love to travel and adventure especially in nature.

You adore nature and are at your best when spending time in nature.

You change like the wind.

You are attractive to positive people who appreciate your sensual nature; they see your sensitivity as a great strength.

You are a champion of change and need a strong back up team to keep you grounded.

Your visions can inspire change in this world.

Your Physical Power

Your physical power is to Sew Seeds of Change for good, you are the visionary for a better world.

Your Physical Self

Your physical self is Wood

Colour Associated: Green

Nurturing Element: Water

Nurturing Colours: Blue Black

Family Member: Eldest Daughter

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