Physical Activist

ACTIVE - Revolutionary

Dynamic, active, highly driven, active, impatient to see quick results, high energy, constantly expresses opinion, direct, thunder, career orientated, accurate and precise, black and white, excellent memory, solutions orientated.

Activist Promotes: Action, ambition, new ideas, innovation, new beginnings, optimism, enthusiasm, impatience, dynamic, talkative, impulsive, experimental, resilient, independent, open and honest, frank, sensitive.

Energy Quality: Spring like force, rising, energetic, powerful, vital, active.

Business & Home Life Area: - Health, Your Past, Family

How People See You

The Revolutionary.

If there is going to be a revolution it is likely that you have been the catalyst.

You like to take action now.

You are passionate and independent and very ambitious.

You speak your mind.

Your ability to bring clarity to situations is magical.

You speak your mind and can occasionally be thunderous - ensuring your voice and message is heard loud and clearly.

You can be explosive, impulsive and spontaneous.

You make things happen.

You do not like to stand still.

You are positive and enthusiastic

You are admired by many; they adore your clarity, your enthusiasm, your spontaneity.

Your Physical Power

Your physical power is to be an activist igniting natural living on this planet.

The Natural Loving Activist.

Natural living, respecting mother earth and our family and ancestors.

Your Physical Self

Your physical self is Wood

Colour Associated: Green

Nurturing Element: Water

Nurturing Colours: Blue Black

Family Member: Eldest Son

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