Physical Carer

CARING - Loving Nature - The People Person

Careful, thoughtful, affectionate, team player, understanding, practical, focuses on continuously improving the self and others, sympathetic to others problems, good at developing and keeping useful business contacts. Mother to everyone.

Carer Promotes: Practicality, cautiousness, steadiness, communication, receptivity, supportiveness, nurturing, consolidation, compassion, reliability, patience.

Energy Quality: Settled, harmonious, slow.

Business & Home Life Area: Love , Relationships.

How People See You

The Carer. The Supporter.

Love Love Love … Love is what you are, what you stand for … Love is you.

You are caring and compassionate.

You are born to serve and support others. A mothering, kind, caring spirit.

You are organised and work in a practical methodical manner.

You are the queen/king of customer service - you excel at serving others.

You are a sensational team player and truly believe that TEAM stands for. "Together Everyone Achieves More!"

You love to work with inspirational people who you can depend on.

Please make sure you take care of yourself too as well as other people.

You are loved.

You are one amazing caring sharing loving individual.

You are appreciated by many.

Your Physical Power

Your physical power is to consciously awaken love in this world and to unite humanity with kindness.

Unite humanity with your kind and loving spirit, infect the world with love.

Your Physical Self

Your physical self is Earth

Colour Associated: Orange

Nurturing Element: Fire

Nurturing Colours: Red

Family Member: Mother

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