Physical Explorer

ADVENTUROUS - Sexy and Spiritual

Flexible, always fluid, always wants win/win situations, balanced, objective, clarity of vision, gifted speakers, hold people's attention, original idea generators, easy going, laid back and relaxed.

Explorer Promotes: Independence, sexuality, spirituality, objectivity, intuition, reflection, isolation, insecurity, exploration, deep-thinking, sensitivity, philosophy, intuitive, diplomatic, adaptable, flexible, will full.

Energy Quality: Quiet, moving, flexible, deep, and strong.

Business & Home Life Area: Purpose

How People See You

The Adventurer. The Harmonizer.

You want the world to be happy and live in harmony.

Just like water always wants to level out, you want all people to be happy; you strive for the win/win in all life situations.

You are a natural communicator and an amazing diplomat.

You are intuitive and have a deep sense of what is right.

You are approachable and friendly.

You like your solitude but you are also adventurous too.

You are a deeply spiritual being and have been born on this planet to bring more faith to humanity.

Occasionally you can be indecisive and like to approach obstacles slowly and gradually decide what to do.

No shocks or quick decisions.

Others find you sexy.

In fact you are the most sexual of all the nine characters.

You are naturally independent and love to explore.

You are a great adventurer and love to travel and explore new places and cultures to add to you kit bag of life experiences.

You need clear focus, structure and clarity to avoid spreading yourself to thinly.

Your Physical Power

Your physical power is to bring balance & harmony to humanity.

Your Physical Self

Your physical self is Water.

Colour Associated: Blue Black

Nurturing Element: Metal

Nurturing Colours: Gold, Silver, White

Family Member: Middle Son

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