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Keanu Reeves

Keanu Charles Reeves is a Canadian actor, director, producer, and musician. He gained fame for his starring role performances in several blockbuster films, including comedies from the Bill and Ted series, actions The Matrix, and more.

DOB Sep-02-1964 (986)

Name Occupation D.O.B
Camile Velasco Singer Sep-01-1985 (683)
Keanu Reeves Actor Sep-02-1964 (986)
Clare Kramer Actress Sep-03-1974 (858)
Beyonce Knowles Singer Sep-04-1981 (124)
Alexandre Geijo Athlete Sep-05-1982 (986)
Tim Henman Athlete Sep-06-1974 (858)
Evan Rachel Wood Actress Sep-07-1987 (427)
Chantal Jones Model Sep-08-1988 (371)
Michael Bublé Singer Sep-09-1975 (712)
Hiroki Uchi Model Sep-10-1986 (546)
Steve Hofstetter Comedian Sep-11-1979 (371)
Yao Ming Athlete Sep-12-1980 (243)
Michelle Nolan Musician Sep-13-1980 (243)
Agustín Calleri Athlete Sep-14-1976 (674)
Jolin Tsai Singer Sep-15-1980 (243)
Bobby Korecky Athlete Sep-16-1979 (371)
Austin St. John Actor Sep-17-1975 (712)
Keeley Hazell Model Sep-18-1986 (546)
Eleni Daniilidou Athlete Sep-19-1982 (977)
Jack Lawless Musician Sep-20-1987 (418)
Rimi Sen Actress Sep-21-1981 (115)
Paul Sculthorpe Athlete Sep-22-1977 (546)
Natalie Horler Singer Sep-23-1981 (115)
Leah Dizon Model Sep-24-1986 (546)
Van Hansis Actor Sep-25-1981 (115)
Keisha Buchanan Singer Sep-26-1984 (712)
Sylvia Crawley Athlete Sep-27-1972 (115)
Jerry Evans Athlete Sep-28-1968 (546)
Sibel Tüzün Singer Sep-29-1971 (243)
Martina Hingis Athlete Sep-30-1980 (243)

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