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Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is an American technology entrepreneur and philanthropist best known for co-founding and leading Facebook, as its chairman and chief executive officer.

DOB May-14-1984 (757)

Name Occupation D.O.B
Ajith Kumar Actor May-01-1971 (297)
Troy Murphy Athlete May-02-1980 (297)
Greg Raposo Singer May-03-1985 (638)
Lance Bass Singer May-04-1979 (335)
Bruno Cheyrou Athlete May-05-1978 (454)
Fredrick Federley Politicians May-06-1978 (454)
Johan Kenkhuis Athlete May-07-1980 (288)
Enrique Iglesias Singer May-08-1975 (757)
Tony Schmidt Athlete May-09-1980 (288)
Bono Singer May-10-1960 (454)
Sifow Entrepreneur May-11-1985 (629)
Jason Biggs Actor May-12-1978 (454)
Darryl Sydor Athlete May-13-1972 (151)
Mark Zuckerberg Entrepreneur May-14-1984 (757)
Jamie-Lynn Sigler Actress May-15-1981 (151)
Megan Fox Actress May-16-1986 (582)
Daniel Komen Athlete May-17-1976 (629)
Ali Zafar Singer May-18-1980 (288)
Lily Cole Actress May-19-1988 (326)
Carla Humphries Actress May-20-1988 (326)
Jamie Hepburn Politicians May-21-1979 (326)
Manuel Ortiz Athlete May-22-1971 (288)
Malene Mortensen Singer May-23-1982 (923)
Tim Bridgman Athlete May-24-1985 (629)
Jae Hee Actor May-25-1980 (288)
Julianna Rose Mauriello Actress May-26-1991 (923)
Jadakiss Singer May-27-1975 (757)
Kylie Minogue Singer May-28-1968 (582)
Dylan Postl Athlete May-29-1986 (582)
Steven Gerrard Athlete May-30-1980 (288)
Andy Hurley Singer May-31-1980 (288)

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