Famous March People

Larry Page

Lawrence Edward Page is an American computer scientist and Internet entrepreneur who co-founded Google with Sergey Brin. Page is the chief executive officer of Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc.

DOB Mar-26-1973 (941)

Name Occupation D.O.B
Shahid Afridi Athlete Mar-01-1980 (225)
Chris Martin Singer Mar-02-1977 (528)
Ronan Keating Singer Mar-03-1977 (528)
Kim Jung-Eun Actress Mar-04-1975 (784)
Tang Gonghong Athlete Mar-05-1979 (344)
Ellen Muth Actress Mar-06-1981 (178)
Manucho Athlete Mar-07-1983 (813)
Tom Chaplin Singer Mar-08-1979 (344)
Maite Perroni Actress Mar-09-1983 (813)
Kim Leclerc Politicians Mar-10-1985 (647)
Derek Schouman Athlete Mar-11-1985 (647)
Zhao Wei Actress Mar-12-1976 (647)
Caron Butler Athlete Mar-13-1980 (216)
Idaira Singer Mar-14-1985 (647)
Eva Longoria Actress Mar-15-1975 (775)
Leena Peisa Singer Mar-16-1979 (344)
John Hall Athlete Mar-17-1974 (813)
Dionne Bainbridge Athlete Mar-18-1978 (472)
Kim Rae Won Actor Mar-19-1981 (178)
Keven Mealamu Athlete Mar-20-1979 (344)
Mandy Capristo Singer Mar-21-1990 (178)
Artis Pabriks Politicians Mar-22-1966 (775)
Tony Alberda Athlete Mar-23-1974 (813)
Alyson Hannigan Actress Mar-24-1974 (813)
Danica Patrick Athlete Mar-25-1982 (941)
Larry Page Entrepreneur Mar-26-1973 (941)
Fergie Duhamel Singer Mar-27-1975 (775)
Atta-ur-Rehman Athlete Mar-28-1975 (775)
Hideaki Takizawa Artist Mar-29-1982 (941)
Martin Love Athlete Mar-30-1974 (813)
Jessica Joseph Athlete Mar-31-1982 (941)

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