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Roger Federer

Roger Federer is a Swiss professional tennis player who is currently ranked world No.2 in men's singles tennis by the Association of Tennis Professionals. He is regarded by many fans, players and analysts as the greatest tennis player of all time.

DOB Aug-08-1981 (124)

Name Occupation D.O.B
Jason Momoa Actor Aug-01-1979 (398)
Brittany Hargest Singer Aug-02-1988 (398)
Yurina Kumai Singer Aug-03-1993 (739)
Mark Milligan Athlete Aug-04-1985 (692)
LoLo Jones Athlete Aug-05-1982 (995)
Karl Davies Actor Aug-06-1982 (995)
Aurélie Claudel Model Aug-07-1980 (252)
Roger Federer Athlete Aug-08-1981 (124)
Ashley Johnson Actress Aug-09-1983 (858)
Jeff Mangum Musician Aug-10-1970 (389)
Chris Hemsworth Actor Aug-11-1983 (858)
Pete Sampras Athlete Aug-12-1971 (252)
Taizō Sugimura Politicians Aug-13-1979 (389)
Roy Williams Athlete Aug-14-1980 (252)
Jennifer Lawrence Actress Aug-15-1990 (124)
Joleon Lescott Athlete Aug-16-1982 (986)
Nicola Kraus Novelist Aug-17-1974 (858)
Mica Penniman Musician Aug-18-1983 (858)
Erika Christensen Actress Aug-19-1982 (986)
Golan Yosef Actor Aug-20-1984 (721)
Robert Lewandowski Athlete Aug-21-1988 (389)
Jennifer Makris Model Aug-22-1973 (986)
Ray Park Actor Aug-23-1974 (858)
Marcel Goc Athlete Aug-24-1983 (858)
Rachel Bilson Actress Aug-25-1981 (124)
Brendan Harris Athlete Aug-26-1980 (252)
Mike Smith Actor Aug-27-1972 (124)
Sarah Jane Santos Singer Aug-28-1991 (986)
Brian Chesky Entrepreneur Aug-29-1981 (124)
Tavia Yeung Actress Aug-30-1979 (389)
Ian Harte Athlete Aug-31-1977 (555)

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